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January 7, 2016

Membership Application Form

4 responses to “Membership Application Form”

  1. corrado ianiri says:

    Hello OlivesNZ

    My name is Corrado, I live in Wellington but I am from Italy,
    olive oil harvesting and pressing is a family tradition
    that I intend to carry on in my new country,
    here I found some great olive trees to start with
    and plenty of support to create a genuine production for my family and close friends.

    Looking forward to join and support, keep up with the good job.

    All the best,

    Corrado Ianiri

    • Olives New Zealand says:

      Hi Corrado. Thank you for your comments. I have sent you some information on Olives New Zealand and wish you well with your harvest and production this year. Our 2016 Conference will be in Wellington on Saturday 15 October and will be preceded by an Organoleptic Seminar on the Friday led by the Head Judge for the NZ EVOO Awards who is coming over especially from Italy. These would be good events for you to attend! Ciao for now.

  2. Mr William J Turner says:

    Hobby type olive lover ie labour of love to keep my 100 odd? trees to produce.
    How do I join ?

    • Olives New Zealand says:

      Hi William. Please download and complete the Membership Application form and email or mail it. I will invoice you. Great time to join as there is 75% off membership fees because the financial year ends on 31 December.

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