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2023 Processors Register

April 24, 2023

To see the Olives NZ members who offer processing services please see as follows. 2023 Processors Register...Read more

2021 The Olive Mill Wairarapa

May 19, 2021

Here is the 2021 information from The Olive Mill, Wairarapa The Olive Mill 2021 brochure...Read more

2021 Processors Register

April 8, 2021

To see the Olives NZ members who offer processing services please see as follows. 2021 Processors Register...Read more

2020 Processors Register

May 6, 2020

For a full listing of all Olives NZ Processors please see 2020 Processors Register...Read more

The Olive Mill, Wairarapa

May 4, 2020

Charles and Kay Chinnaiyah operate The Olive Mill at Featherston. They have an OMMT Pegaso 500. For futher information please see. The Olive Mill 2020 Brochure...Read more

The Olive Press (TOP), Wairarapa

April 28, 2020

The Olive Press (TOP) in Greytown, Wairarapa operate an OMT Euro X15 DE processing plant. They also have access to mechanical harvesting, offer filtering and have a bottling line available.  TOP is interested in harvesting/purchasing surplus...Read more

Kakariki Olive Processing, Nelson

April 15, 2020

Ray and Brenda Gregory operate an Enerossi/Afa Laval processing plant capable of up to 500kg per hour. Contract mechanical harvesting may also be available. Contact us for more information – gregoryhouse@xtra.co.nz...Read more

Pressing Engagements – Martinborough

April 29, 2019

Pressing Engagements was established in Martinborough in 2004. It currently runs a 200kg & a 120kg Italian olive press manufactured by Toscana Enologica Mori (TEM) which are very suited to Tuscan olive varietals.Suitable for small to...Read more

2019 The Olive Mill, Featherston

March 21, 2019

Here is the 2019 brochure from The Olive Mill, Featherston.The Olive Mill 2019 Brochure...Read more

2018 Processing Services – Wairarapa

April 24, 2018

TOP 2018 Olive Processing Handbook For details on pricing please contact Rod Lingard – rod@theolivepress.co.nz...Read more

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