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Be smart – buy local, it’s international Gold-worthy

Olives New Zealand represents over 200 olive growers from across New Zealand.  Our growers offer you arguably the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil available in the world.

Click on the region (to the right) or in the drop down box below, to see who the growers are in your area. Many of our growers welcome visitors to their olive groves or you may be able to talk with them at your local Farmers Market. On their websites you should be able to find details of which Farmers Market they attend and also their retail outlets. Many of our growers also offer online sales via their websites so you can always order from them directly.

When it comes to olive oil, fresh is best and New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the freshest available. Our growers have it available for sale within weeks of pressing rather than the months or years (!) it takes for imported oils to reach our shores.

Look for the OliveMark® so that you can be assured that the oil has been formally certified as New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

International expert Olive Oil Tasters affirm that New Zealand EVOO is amongst the best in the world, as is evidenced by the medals our growers consistently win in international competitions, such as New York, and also feedback from international judges.

PS Several of our growers make pretty tasty Table Olives, Flavoured Olive Oils and other olive products too!

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