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Wooden stakes 50mm x 50mm, 1.5m high, $3.20 each incl GST. Selling in bundles of 10 stakes (ie 10 stakes = $32). Sharpened end, treated timber, new/unused. Perfect for staking newly planted olive trees. Pick up in the Wairarapa.
Contact Gladstone Olives info@gladstoneoliveco.co.nz









Tractor mounted post hole borer: Reconditioned Gallagher, recently sharpened. Not pretty looking but goes well. 30cm auger. Pick up in the Wairarapa.
Contact Gladstone Olives info@gladstoneoliveco.co.nz




In excellent condition and works extremely well, we have used it since we imported it in 2008. It has shaken off many tonnes of our olives I have been the only operator. Its cost was approx $3500.00NZ and we would be interested in what the market offered. We have a full owners manual as shown in the attached document, along with additional photos. MASTER BLOCK 3000CBS OLIVE HARVESTER
Contact Grahame Taylor for more information  –  rg.taylor125@gmail.com 



Matapiro Olives have 1 x 400 litre and 3 x 500 litre tanks for sale. See attached document for further information.
Matapiro Small Tanks For Sale

Contact John Arthur – Ph 06 874 3231 or email  john@matapiro-olives.com


Large olives, suitable for table olives wanted. Any volume considered.

Please contact Geoff Crawford – geoff@telegraphhill.co.nz


5.0 and 5.5m diameter, new with some minor assembly required.  Bins shown in photos not included.  $4,500 each + freight from Central Otago, would consider hire to local growers.

We met a tasting judge at the Australian Olive Growers conference and he said “Never pick an olive up off the ground- even if there’s a net between the fruit and the ground.  I can taste it (dirt) in the oil”!

For more photos – Black Harvest Umbrellas

More information:  slack1@live.com




The red one on the left has a pocket and states proudly “I’m a Virgin Lover” with an olive graphic and the OliveMark It is branded The Olive Press. Cost – $36.

The black one on the right has the Simply the Best message as per the DVD cover. Cost – $34,

Double click on the photo for a larger image.

Contact The Olive Press to order – bruce@theolivepress.co.nz




Matapiro Olives can offer 2 litre bag in box packaging options. Either you can purchase the box in white and bladder to fill yourself, or Matapiro can fill these for you. Contact John Arthur for more information john@matapiro-olives.com






Irresistible Olive – Recipe Booklet

A fabulous booklet of olive recipes, great pictures and a tale of travels in olive country by Helen Melser of the Elaia Gourmet Kitchen, Wairarapa. Special offer to Olives NZ members of a post inclusive price of $11.00 but contact Helen if you want multiple copies.  helen.melser@gmail.com

Click here for a sample recipe and illustrations.   The Irresistible Olive – sample recipe





 This is a beautiful rustic Italianate solid plaster wall piece. Crafted (and stamped) by noted Australian potter Anna Chandler. It depicts in bas relief an olive tree growing out of an ancient amphora and its ancient Mediterranean look will enhance the decor of anyone seeking to create an Italian theme or show their love of olives.

It is a heavy piece which is 5cm thick and 55cm in diameter so pickup is necessary. The original price sticker on the back shows it was purchased it for $312.95, however open to any reasonable offer to see it goes to an appreciative home.  Contact Gayle Sheridan gayle.sheridan@clear.net.nz phone 06 877 2315




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