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“This all stainless steel press has been amazing. We have been pressing our own olives for the past few years plus pressing for an ever growing number of other olive growers in our area.  We find that with the double malaxers we can run around 300kg an hour or as little as a 50kg load for the smaller groves. Since the 2018 harvest it has been taken completely apart and given a thorough internal wash and sterilize. I then had an engineer go thru everything and replace the belts and bearings. He also added some more accessible grease nipples.  I also had the electrician check the electric motors and replace some bearings. So the press is ready to go all freshened up for the next owner.  I am located in the mid Northland and can provide transport anywhere from South Auckland to North Cape on my large trailer by arrangement. The 3 parts being the olive washer, twin malaxer and twin centrifuge units are quick to set up as long as there is 3 phase electricity.  I also have some other equipment available like separate de-leafer, conveyor belts and similar lifting equipment.  $35,000 including GST.”
Contact : Philip Baker – Evergreen Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Ph: 09-946-6215 or Mob: +64-21-119-1634 (txt only)



Expressions of interest: Olive press and washer/deleafer/elevator for sale. FIMO model 50 kg per hour-2 phase press process. Commissioned (new) 2008. Has done 600 hrs. New belts installed this season. Produces very good quality oil. Ideal for small batch production.

Ideally to be sold together. Asking $ 15,000.

Also sundry items including 100 and 200  litre floating lid storage tanks, 2x 75 , 3x 25  litre storage tanks, mats x2 (7×12 metre), agrotechnic harvesters x 2 and approx 30 x 20 litre plastic crates. Price by negotiation.

Contact Paul or Karen Anderson @ patriagrove@outlook.com or 0273244950.


One complete bottling line capable of between 300 and 350 bottles per hour with 2 labour units.

Line consists of:
* nitrogen prebottle filling, purging unit
* 4 head Marchisio filling unit
* Tecnomax capping unit for 31.5x24mm aluminium caps
* A GAI 604 Labeller. 
A small handyman compressor is required to operate the labeller. The labeller does come with a coding unit to ensure traceability (NP3 requirement). 


Line suitable for Dorica or Marasca bottles but labeller more suited to Dorica.

Price for complete line is $12,000 plus GST. Training can be given. Line available from about the end of October 2018. Sale due to new bottling line arriving.

Enquires to  john@matapiro-olives.com
Ph 027 4526 280


Told with candour and humour, Olive Oil the New Zealand Way is part inspirational memoir, part case study in how to make a go of lifestyle farming — and a must-read for anyone nuts enough to give growing olives in the New Zealand situation a go. Written by David Walshaw of Kapiti Olives, you can find out more about this book here.
Olive Oil the NZ Way media release

To order a copy http://kapitiolives.com/book.html





250ml Modular bottles with 28.5mm screw cap

WAS $1.80 each – asking $0.50c per unit (+GST)

Freight excluded

1216 bottles per pallet – Must take whole pallet

2 full Pallets available, 1 near complete

 **Capping head available for purchase also – Price by negotiation**

Contact Simon @ Matapiro Olives 0273039897 or



5.0 and 5.5m diameter, new with some minor assembly required.  Bins shown in photos not included.  $4,500 each + freight from Central Otago, would consider hire to local growers.

We met a tasting judge at the Australian Olive Growers conference and he said “Never pick an olive up off the ground- even if there’s a net between the fruit and the ground.  I can taste it (dirt) in the oil”!

For more photos – Black Harvest Umbrellas

More information:  slack1@live.com




The red one on the left has a pocket and states proudly “I’m a Virgin Lover” with an olive graphic and the OliveMark It is branded The Olive Press. Cost – $36.

The black one on the right has the Simply the Best message as per the DVD cover. Cost – $34,

Double click on the photo for a larger image.

Contact The Olive Press to order – bruce@theolivepress.co.nz




Matapiro Olives can offer 2 litre bag in box packaging options. Either you can purchase the box in white and bladder to fill yourself, or Matapiro can fill these for you. Contact John Arthur for more information john@matapiro-olives.com





Irresistible Olive – Recipe Booklet

A fabulous booklet of olive recipes, great pictures and a tale of travels in olive country by Helen Melser of the Elaia Gourmet Kitchen, Wairarapa. Special offer to Olives NZ members of a post inclusive price of $11.00 but contact Helen if you want multiple copies.  helen.melser@gmail.com

Click here for a sample recipe and illustrations.   The Irresistible Olive – sample recipe




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