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n u m b e r 2 9

The n u m b e r 2 9 olive grove is situated in Church Bay on Waiheke Island, just a short ferry ride from Auckland city, New Zealand. The same poor soils that make Waiheke’s great wine, are also making our wonderful Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The grassy slopes, sunshine and gentle sea breezes are good for the olive trees and because the n u m b e r 2 9 grove is small, every care is taken in the growing and harvesting so that a premium blend is achieved.

n u m b e r 2 9 extra virgin olive oil is a boutique product only available at selected outlets and discerning restaurants. It is unfiltered, is Certified by Olives New Zealand as top quality EVOO, and is bottled in an elegant 250ml gift bottle with a distinctive grey and white label. It also is available in 100ml bottles and 1L and 2L oil boxes. It has won many awards, over the years and shows consistency and depth of flavour. Unfortunately, the olive grove is not open for visiting or tours.  We do not sell our    n u m b e r 2 9 EVOO at the gate but please contact us for a list of stockists.


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The OliveMark® guarantees 100% New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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