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Kowhai Close Olive Grove

A boutique olive grove of 250 trees of five varieties established in 1993 in Church Bay Estate – Waiheke Island.

Produces award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the results of dedication and care with the nurturing of the trees, also the care taken during harvesting to minimise bruising of the olives and the pressing within 24 hours of harvest.

Kowhai Close Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Table Olives are easily recognisable by their distinctive packaging. You can buy with confidence that this product is from Kowhai Close Olive Grove, Waiheke Island – which is free from sprays, chemicals and additives.

Kowhai Close Olive Grove and Accommodation

For enquiries you can contact Joyce and Guy Camilleri at 92 Nick Johnstone Drive, Church Bay Estate, Waiheke Island 1971.


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The OliveMark® guarantees 100% New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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