Olives New Zealand


Olives New Zealand is proud to be associated with the following sponsors.  Our sponsors support  is a vital to the running of our events, including the awards, conference and olives-to-olive courses.  Please support our sponsors where you can – why wouldn’t you they are the experts and the best!

Gold Sponsors

Kiwi Labels – award winning label printers   www.kiwilabels.co.nz/

Silver Sponsors

C-Pack – for all your bottles, etc. Contact cate@cpack.co.nz

For storage solutions and much more. See The Grove Supply Co.

Suppliers of farm and orchard equipment such as tractors, harvesters.
See https://www.gotojacks.co.nz/

General/Bronze Sponsors

Suppliers of Biogras  L enzyme and testing services.

VITIS for your oil storage containers and tanks https://www.vitiswinemakers.com/


For all of your glass and other packaging see  https://www.arthurholmes.co.nz/

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