Olives New Zealand


Olives New Zealand was formally established in 1996 to create the environment for the New Zealand Olive industry to produce premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olive products, and to market them successfully nationally and internationally.

Currently Olives New Zealand has approximately 200 members; olive growers, processors, suppliers and others just interested in the olive industry. Our olive growers vary in size from Hobby Groves of less than 100 trees to the commercial groves of 40,000 trees.

Mission Statement

Olives New Zealand exists to

  • set and maintain quality standards for NZ produced olive products
  • provide quality research & development to create and maintain a sustainable integrated olive industry
  • manage an ongoing consumer awareness programme to promote the benefits, and create a preference for NZ olive products
  • provide a focal organization which facilitates progressive direction for stakeholders in the olive industry


  • Manage and promote the Olives New Zealand OliveMark quality assurance certification programme
  • Support research to improve consistent productivity of New Zealand olive groves
  • Promote research to establish unique characteristics of NZ EVOO’s
  • Set product standards supportable by NZ EVOO’s

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