Olives New Zealand

Benefits of Membership


Olives New Zealand welcomes your interest in becoming a member and to help you with your decision we have listed below the key benefits which will assist you in making your decision.

  • Certification– access to the Olives New Zealand Certification Programme to ensure and certify your product is EVOO (not available to Associate Members)
  • OliveMark – only available for use by Olives New Zealand members
  • New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards – access to entry of New Zealand’s most prestigious olive oil awards
  • Conference – brings members together to learn and to share experiences
  • Olive NZ Newsletter – Olives New Zealand’s informative monthly newsletter
  • Voting rights – your chance to make a difference at the Annual General Meeting
  • Representation– as part of a recognised industry group
  • Branch membership – membership of Olives New Zealand will guarantee you membership to the Olive New Zealand’s branch in your region
  • National Programme Templates – recognised by MPI and one version including an exemption for growers who package their oil
  • Olives New Zealand website – you will have full access to restricted member website pages including those on Research and Marketing, Latest News, Minutes of Meetings, etc.
  • Olive Grove Listing – free on the Olives New Zealand website with a hotlink to your own website (if available)
  • Buy/Sell Listings – free listings on the Olives New Zealand website in the Buy/Sell section
  • Olive Growers Best Practice Manual – access via the website to the most comprehensive New Zealand specific olive grower manual available
  • Referrals – from potential purchasers who approach Olives New Zealand for local suppliers
  • Referrals from Media wanting to feature NZ olive industry (TV, magazines, radio)
  • Referrals – for sponsorship of prestigious events
  • Research – access to up-to-date research, an essential part of our future
  • Professional Development – access to courses run by Olives New Zealand
  • Promotional Activities – Olives New Zealand promotes NZEVOO and the OliveMark to the consumer and other interested groups
  • Merchandise Material – members can purchase a variety of merchandising products to help promote/sell their products (bags, brochures, DVDs, etc.)
  • Discounted rate for Aust and NZ Olive Grower magazine – AUD29.50 per annum
  • EVOO Brokerage – Olives New Zealand provides a brokerage service between people wishing to sell bulk EVOO and those wishing to buy.

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