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Bulk EVOO For Sale and Wanted

2019 Surplus Certified EVOO

La Belle Vie, Martinborough has 171 litres Certified 2019 Barnea/Manzanillo Blend available. This was harvested from their own grove by Wairarapa Olive Harvesters and pressed at The Olive Press. The oil is stored in a bladder in a 200 l cardboard drum at TOP
Conatct Dave Frow     Cell:0277 043 0765
Email:  dave.frow@xtra.co.nz

Mystery Valley Produce, Te Puke has 140 litres of their 2019 NZ EVOO Gold medal blend available. It is stored in stainless steel fustis under argon. Permission is available to use the Gold medal.
Contact David Henderson 021 911 559
Email: mysteryvalley@xtra.co.nz

Ollie’s Grove, Nelson has the following available, all 2019 certified and all Silver medal winning in 2019 NZ EVOO Awards:
Frantoio – 2,000 litres
Koroneiki – 250 litres
Leccino – 800 litres.
Enquiries: Benjamin Newby 027 9249 777 or benjamin.newby@icloud.com

Totara Tunnel Olive Grove, Kapiti has the following available: 
Filtered Leccino being stored at TOP (The Olive Press, Greytown)  200L mild, certified and not entered into awards.  
Filtered Frantoio 200L – being stored at TOP in 200L bladders/lots – mild, certified and not entered into awards  (different batch to the Gold medal & Best in Class)
Contact totaratunnelolives@gmail.com  

2018 Surplus Certified EVOO

Several growers have 2018 Certified EVOO surplus to their current requirements.

100 litres of Silver winning Frantoio/Pendolino/Picual blend

150 litres of Certified Koroneiki

75 litres of Silver winning Barnea/Manzanilla blend

1000 litres of Silver winning Grove Blend

Please contact the Executive Officer if you are interested.

Please note, if you are wishing to use the OliveMark on oil purchased from another grower then:
1. the transfer of ownership of the oil must be registered with Olive NZ and a Certification certificate issued to the purchaser (there is no charge for this)
2. the purchaser must be a current OliveMark licensee
3. the label to be used on the oil must be approved by Olives NZ.
To check that the oil you are purchasing is certified refer to the list of Certified Oils. If the oil is not specifically  listed then it is probably NOT certified and therefore not going to be eligible for use of the OliveMark.

Members who buy bulk NZ EVOO award winning oil from another member may apply to Olives New Zealand to use the respective medals subject to the approval of the seller and provided they are an OliveMark licensee and their label is approved by Olives New Zealand.

“Selling Bulk EVOO” presentation given by John Arthur at Conference 2012:

  1. Harvest your fruit at the optimal time
  2. Ensure the fruit is processed as soon as possible after harvesting
  3. Process olive varieties separately – purchasers prefer to buy specific oil varietals
  4. Process your fruit at a plant with high standards and a current Food Safety Plan
  5. Store your oil in stainless steel tanks at between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius
  6. Have your oils certified by Olives New Zealand

Remember – the sooner you have your oil certified, the sooner you will be able to sell it.

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