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Minutes & Financial Reports

AGM Minutes

March 23, 2021

These are the draft minutes from the AGM held on Sunday 21 March. Please advise the Executive Officer of any omissions or corrections. 2021 AGM Minutes...Read more

2020 President’s and Treasurer’s Reports

March 23, 2021

These are the 2020 President’s and Treasurer’s Reports. OLIVES NEW ZEALAND – Treasurer Report 2020 2020 President’s Report...Read more

2021 Annual General Meeting – Agenda

March 13, 2021

Here is the Agenda for the AGM to be held on Sunday 21 March 2021 by Zoom meeting. 2021 AGM Agenda Please advise any additional apologies to admin@olivesnz.org.nz ...Read more

2020 Independent Auditor’s Report

March 4, 2021

Here is the 2020 Financial Performance Report received from the auditors. 2020 Auditor’s Report...Read more

2021 Executive Meeting Minutes Synopsis

March 1, 2021

Executive Meeting Minutes Synopsis August 2021 Executive Meeting Minutes Synopsis June 2021 Executive Meeting Minutes Synopsis February 2021...Read more

2020 AGM Draft Minutes

June 7, 2020

Please advise if your name has been missed from the list of attendees or apologies. 2020 Draft Minutes of AGM...Read more

2019 President’s Report

May 25, 2020

2019 President’s Report...Read more

Notice of Rescheduled AGM

May 16, 2020

Members will be aware that is was necessary to cancel the AGM notified for 21 March because of COVID-19. The AGM has therefore been rescheduled for this Sunday 24 May 5-6pm and by ZOOM online meeting system so as to enable as many to participate as...Read more

2019 Treasurer Report

March 16, 2020

Here is the 2019 Treasurer Report. 2019 Treasurer Report...Read more

2019 Financial Performance Report

March 10, 2020

Here is the 2019 Financial Performance Report from the auditors Parkers Business Solutions Ltd. 2019 Financial Performance Report      ...Read more

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