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High Value Nutrition Project – He Rourou Whai Painga

December 5, 2021

An exciting new project funded by MBIE provides an opportunity to showcase NZ EVOO.

This is the High Value Nutrition Project – He Rourou Whai Painga. The project is led by a consortium of partners including Auckland, Canterbury and Massey universities, Ag Research and Plant and Food Research.

It is an ambitious, long-term, multi-centre, dietary intervention study that will explore whether consumption of a New Zealand whole diet that includes high quality New Zealand F&B products improves metabolic, cardiovascular, and wellbeing profiles in people at risk of cardiometabolic disease and their families.

The project will centre on provision of a full food diet to a group totaling 200 people and their families. Measuring and monitoring key factors including weight, body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. The diet that will be promoted is similar to the Mediterranean diet but will use NZ produced foods and beverages, including high quality oil. 

For more information:
High Value Nutrition Project – He Rourou Whai Painga

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