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Stuart Tustin – The Orchardist

April 13, 2016

Stuart Tustin - The Orchardist

2 responses to “Stuart Tustin – The Orchardist”

  1. ross duder says:

    Stuart ,thank s for the time & olive information today.
    I will follow up the contacts & leads recommended
    Please can you can put me on the newly formed Focus Grove contact list

    • Olives New Zealand says:

      Hi Ross. Information on the Focus Grove Project will be posted to the Olives New Zealand website and you will be able to pick it up from there. Alternatively you might wish to become a member of Olives New Zealand which will mean you will be kept up to date via our monthly newsletter, etc. There will also be a presentation on the Focus Grove Project at the 2016 Olives NZ Conference in October in Wellington. Cheers – Gayle

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