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Judging EVOO and Flavoured Oils Seminar

There will be a special Judging EVOO and Flavoured Olive Oils Seminar in Auckland on Tuesday 22nd September. This is targeted at our judges’ pool but is also open to members who have previously attended a one day tasting seminar with Olives NZ. The venue is The Foodbowl, Verissimo Drive, Auckland Airport so easy for those flying in or driving. Start time is 9am and finish time is 5pm with catering provided.

The seminar will be delivered by Peter Olson, from the Australian IOC Sensory Panel, and Margi Kirkby, from top winning Gywdir Olives, and will cover:

New Zealand EVOO Awards
₋          Objectives
₋          Competition rules
₋          Judging protocols

Judging using the Mario Solinas based New Zealand system

₋          Revision of defects and off flavours
₋          Different styles and characteristics
₋          Tasting and scoring of 2014 New Zealand award winning oils
₋          Tasting other EVOOs

Judging Flavoured Oils

Registration form here  2015 Judging Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Flavoured Oils

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