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Maturity Indicator Model – when to harvest

April 16, 2012

Our good friends at Plant and Food Research and Massey University have developed a spreadsheet model for determining when to harvest. You can buy a food dehydrator at any appliance store and scales from a good kitchenware shop, or John Arthur...Read more

Cleaning Stainless Steel Tanks and Canisters

March 28, 2012

Note: Make sure you are wearing appropriate rubber gloves! 1.    Drain tanks well 2.    Clean using Ecolabs Triple S (Caustic based) cleaner.  (This has a foaming agent in it). 3.    Scrub well and ensure that tanks with welded seams...Read more

Food Safety Plan Template

January 18, 2012

Olives New Zealand has a comprehensive Food Safety Plan template available to members at $250 inc GST. Once the new legislation has been passed, this manual will be updated and the changes will be made available to those who have previously...Read more

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