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Atutahi consistently produces award-winning extra virgin olive oil from its 570 trees which were planted between 1999 and 2005. Seven varieties of olives are grown – Barnea, Manzanillo, South Australian Verdale, Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Picholene. Two distinctive Medal-winning blends of oil are currently available – one based on the Barnea olive from Israel and the other a mix of the Italian varieties originating from Tuscany.
Address: 93 Cromarty Drive, RD 4, Martinborough 5784



Ph: +64 06 306 8822
Fax: +64 06 306 8033
E: info@atutahi.co.nz


Dali™ is super premium extra virgin olive oil, naturally fresh, healthful, awarded:
Dali Picual, robust with watercress and almond flavours, vibrant green, suitable for stronger foods. One of NZ’s finest, Dali Picual can stand kitchen heat, ideal for fish, meat, vegetables. High natural anti-oxidants.
Dali Coupage, a blend of medium Tuscan oils chosen from Dali Estate. Dali Coupage presents balanced herbal layers, a versatile oil to match with pasta, pizza, paella. Or to use when baking. Or for everyday drizzling and dipping.
Dali Frantoio, our queen of olives is mallow sunshine all year round for regal salads, sauces, dipping, ice cream, solo.
Produced by biological farming, Dali is proud to be NZ’s first label to record polyphenols, natural anti-oxidants that give olive oil most of its flavour and goodness – the healthiest oils taste the best.
Contact Ross Vintiner, grower & producer for bottled or bulk oil sales.



Ph: 021 908 710
E: info@daliolives.co.nz

Juno Olives

We are a family owned grove producing award-winning extra virgin olive oil, artisan infused citrus and herb olive oils and olive condiments. Our grove overlooks the rugged Tararua Ranges and has a classic mix of Tuscan, Greek, Spanish and French cultivars that grow on 17 acres of stony, free-draining soil.  People are welcome to visit our olive shop and tasting bar and take a tour of our grove.  We are on State Highway 2 just 3kms from historic Greytown and one hour from Wellington.



Ph: +64 6 304 8895
Ph: +64 21 2806510
E: info@juno-olives.co.nz

Leafyridge Olives

Leafyridge Olives, situated near Masterton in the beautiful Wairarapa region of New Zealand, is owned and managed by the Leaf-Wright family.

Its location, at the southern tip of the North Island of New Zealand, has an ideal climate for producing some of the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world. The trees grow in the stony, free draining soils so typical of the Wairarapa, alongside the Ruamahanga river. The cold, wet winters followed by long, hot and dry summer days are perfect conditions for the olives, resulting in oils with uniquely fresh flavours to gratify even the most discerning palate.

As well as producing award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Leafyridge also produces a range of award winning flavoured oils and gift boxes.

You can buy our products at a range of outlets or online. See our website for more information.
Visitors to the grove are also welcome by prior arrangement.



Ph: 0275 421 228
E: leafyridgeolives@outlook.com

Left Field

From bare paddock, purchased in 1996 as we enjoyed a break between two magical Schubert concerts held in the Martinborough Town Hall, to olive grove with oil awarded best in show, we have produced commercially since 2005.

Left Field is located on a gentle rise, thus avoiding frosts, and the combination of healthy trees, the light and the soils contributes to the quality extra virgin olive oil winning awards and being selected by chefs.

Oil blended from our Italian varieties, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino, encapsulates the flavours of Tuscany, rounded, grassy and peppery.  The Barnea oil (an Israeli olive) that we blend with Manzanillo (Spain) is fruity with a spicy finish.

Purchase from Moore Wilson Fresh and wine and food outlets in Martinborough or contact Colin and Di Hadley.

We welcome visits to our grove but please phone first.

Left Field 168b Hinakura Road, RD 4, Martinborough 5784.



Ph: 06 306 8976
Ph: 021461640
E: leftfieldolives@gmail.com

Loopline Olives

Loopline Olives is a National & International award winning Olivery, judged to be one of the worlds best Extra Virgin Olive Oils at the New York International Olive Oil Competition.  Loopline Olives produces four distinct varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

 Facebook: @LooplineOlivesNZ

Instagram: @LooplineOlives




Ph: 021 928 629
E: sales@looplineolives.co.nz

Molive of Martinborough

Molive Gold is grown on our grove ‘Verdale’ in Martinborough. Since planting our trees in 2000 we have gained 25 awards including four international and a ‘best of show’.
Address: 101 Cromarty Drive, RD4, Martinborough 5784



Ph: 06 306 8596
Ph: 021 472 794
Fax: 06 306 8597
E: verdale@xtra.co.nz

Olea Estate

A relaxing Sunday drive through the Wairarapa in 1999 was where the inspiration and dream behind Olea Estate began.
Since that day, a passion for producing olives of consistent quality and distinction is what Olea is all about.
Enjoy the oil of Nature.



Ph: +64 27 4429-065
E: charles@oleaestate.com


Olivo is the oldest commercial grove in the Wairarapa and is owned by Helen and John Meehan. Their Olivo estate extra virgin blend has been a medal winner since 2003. Olivo also produces a range of infused oils, currently lemon, orange, vanilla, fennel, smoked paprika, smoked chilli and porcini for sale at their Tasting Room on the grove and in fine food stores across the country. Tours of the grove are available by appointment and the Tasting Room is open at weekends and on public holidays. Contact Helen Meehan 06 306 9074 or visit www.olivo.co.nz for further details



Ph: 06 306 9074
E: john.meehan@xtra.co.nz

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