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Bay of Plenty

Moutohora Estate

Moutohora Estate is a multi award winning olive grove situated in the sand dunes of Thornton, 15km west of Whakatane and 8 km southwards of Whale Island (Moutohora). In 2011 Moutohora Estate won the Supreme New Zealand Award of Best in Show.

We converted the previously existing vineyard gradually into an olive grove, now comprising of 800 olive trees. We started to produce olive oil solely in 2008.

The light sandy soils of the dunes, the gentle sea breeze and the high sunshine hours, together with the organic management of the grove, selective and careful hand pickings and immediate pressings are all attributes that have contributed to the high quality of the multiple award winning oils.

The olive grove is open to visitors by appointment only and our products are available in local retail outlets, markets and for order on line.

For more information please contact Gerrit or Wil Kruithoed.


Ph: 07 304 9963
Ph: 021 055 7408
Fax: 07 304 9963
E: moutohoraestate@netsmart.net.nz

Mystery Valley Produce

We bought our small property in 2006, with about 450 young, and mostly horizontal, olive trees.  The first few years were driven by ignorance and enthusiasm, until we finally had some trees grown and cropping.  Then the aim became to do better.  Along the way we bought an Enorossi 250 olive press and constructed a licensable facility from which to run it.  At last we think we are hitting our straps!  The trees look better than they have ever looked and the press is operating most successfully;  both with thanks substantially to some excellent and instructive workshops run by Olives NZ.

After three years of being awarded a silver medal for our oil, in 2019 we reached the gold standard!  Our oil is mild with a good balance of fruit and some pepper in the finish.  In 2019 we also introduced a couple of flavoured oils to broaden our repertoire;  garlic and basil, and lemon and fennel.  Both have been well received at our regular market.

We also keep a few olives aside for the production of our Table Olives.  And to keep ourselves busy we produce jams and chutneys from the bounty of our property.

To see and purchase our range of products please visit our website.



Ph: 07 533 1553
E: sales@mysteryvalleyproduce.co.nz

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