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Kakariki Olives

Kakariki Olives is a 3,000 tree grove, owned and run by Ray and Brenda Gregory on Redwood Valley Road in Nelson.

The largely Tuscan varieties have consistently provided us with a beautiful fruity medium to robust style of Olives New Zealand Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Specializing in bulk sales direct to the customer, our oil is available at the gate or from the famous Nelson Saturday Market.

Kakariki Olives entered their Mediterranean Blend in the 2019 New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Awards and were rewarded with a Gold Medal and Best in Class – Commercial Intense Blends. The judges said “A complex oil with fresh, fruity nose and good transfer to palate. Warm pepper pungency. Green grass and salad leaves on the nose, rocket and artichoke on the palate, good flavour transfer with warm peppery finish.”
The oil was then entered in the 2020 New York International Olive Oil Competition, arguably the most prestigious olive oil competition in the world, and won Gold there!

Contact Ray or Brenda for further information.

Mt Heslington

We produce olive oil using organic methods on sunny north‒facing slopes near Brightwater, Nelson. Having planted our first tree in 1994, we’ve spent the years since learning, refining, and enjoying the process. It’s about being able to share oil sourced from our own modest family grove — with friends, family, and you.

What began as an experiment for us— with 23 different cultivars on the family property — has since matured into a grove producing a flavoursome Extra Virgin Olive Oil blend.  

Our olive oil is available from Organic Foods Nelson at 93 Collingwood St. Fill a bottle.

Hilary is a judge for New Zeaand and Australian olive oil competitions so we no longer enter our oil in awards, but in the early days our olive oil was judged by Cuisine magazine as one of the three best tasting olive oils in New Zealand.

Contact Hilary or Andrew Fenemor for more information




Ph: 03 542 3727
E: fenemor@mt-heslington.co.nz

Neudorf Olives

Neudorf Olives is a family run grove found high in the rolling hills of Upper Moutere.This is an area of high sunshine hours with the ideal growing conditions of the Moutere Clay soils. We produce 3 single varietals, Frantoio, Leccino and Koroneiki. Having our own press we are able to ensure that we produce the freshest oil possible. We supply a number of the best restaurants and luxury lodges in the region together with the top delicatessens and speciality food stores both locally and in Auckland and Wellington.

We are also part of the  Moutere Artisans, a group of the most noted wineries and artists who welcome visitors to the area offering a unique and authentic experience.

Contact Jonathan or Susan Pine for more information.



Ph: (03) 543 2434
E: thegrove@neudorfolives.co.nz

Villa Grove Estate

Villa Grove Estate is a boutique grove situated 2kms south of Wakefield, Nelson.

Owners, Phil and Rachel Costello, began planting their trees in 1995 with the Frantoio, Leccino, and Koroneiki varieties proving best suited to our very warm summers and cold winters.

Rachel’s international training in sensory assessment, enables us to create the Villa Grove Estate blend, which has proven very successful over many years.

Rachel’s judging commitments however, preclude us from entering many competitions.

Our oil is available through our Facebook page, website, or from the farm gate.

We are proud to display the Olive Mark which endorses Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



Ph: 03 541 8577
E: villagrove@xtra.co.nz

WEKA Olive Oil

WEKA Olive Oil produces four varieties of extra virgin olive oil from three groves planted in 2007 in Ngatimoti in the Moutere Hills outside Motueka. The blend of Leccino and Frantoio is made from olive varieties of Italian origin that produce a fruity oil offering robust and grassy flavors with a smooth finish.  The single variety Leccino is made from Leccino olives which originated in Italy and produce a robust and exceptionally flavourful oil. The single variety Frantoio is made from Frantoio olives which originated in Italy and produce a mellow oil with a grassy flavor. The single variety Koreiniki is made from Koroneiki olives which originated in Greece and produce a high yield of oil of exceptional quality and flavor. The Lecinno/Frantoio blend, the Leccino and Koroneiki all received Silver Medals from Olives New Zealand in 2016 and the single variety Frantoio received a Gold Medal from Olives New Zealand in 2016.

The oil is sold primarily in New Zealand in 500ml bottles, 250 ml bottles and in bulk. The owners export a portion of the harvest to the US for sale mainly in the New York City area.    The grove is owned by two retired lawyers from New York City.  

Please contact Laurie and Peter Rothenberg for more information.



Ph: 03 526 8505
E: laurie@wekaoliveoil.com

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