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Faversham Olive Grove

Faversham Olive Grove sits on a ridge separating the Omaka and Brancott valleys in Marlborough. Tuscan varieties Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino grow on these dry, windswept, clay hills without irrigation.  Pesticides are not necessary on our very healthy trees and the only fertiliser is courtesy of the sheep which graze the grove after harvest.

Each winter friends and family and neighbours gather for our harvest weekend.  The olives are picked by hand raking onto large ground nets spread under each tree and then carefully gathered up into small bins.  This gentle handling ensures a clean undamaged crop which is pressed locally within 48 hours of harvest and produces an absolutely extra virgin olive oil.

This olive oil is stored in small stainless steel containers and cellared before being bottled and labelled by hand.  As a small boutique olive oil producer we have a limited volume to take to market so we care for our crop every step of the way.


Isobel Olives

Isobel Olives is situated in Isobel Place about a kilometre from Rarangi Beach in Cloudy Bay, Marlborough. The soils are free draining pea gravel with fine fertile river silt and favour growing olives. As a member of Olives NZ Isobel Olives has access to expertise and support and uses the certification of his oils to ensure they meet rigorous testing and provide consumer confidence. Olives are cold pressed at the Marlborough Olive Press within 24 hours of harvest in late June.

Owner, Chris Piper, harvests several neighbouring groves of 4 main varieties – Koroneiki (Greek), picual (Spanish), Frantoio (Italian) and Barnea (Israeli). Careful pruning, fertilizing and irrigation help to provide optimum growing conditions. No sprays are used and mulching is used for weed control.





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