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WEKA Olive Oil

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WEKA Olive Oil produces two varieties of extra virgin olive oil from three groves planted in 2007 in Ngatimoti in the Moutere Hills outside Motueka. The blend of Leccino and Frantoio is made from olive varieties of Italian origin that produce oil that is fruity with a strong, rich flavor offering robust and grassy flavors with a smooth finish. The single variety Koreiniki is made from Koroneiki olives which originated in Greece and produce a high yield of oil of exceptional quality and flavor. The Lecinno/Frantoio blend received a a Silver Medal from Olives New Zealand in 2013 and the single variety Koreiniki received a Gold Medal and Best in Class from Olives New Zealand. in 2013.

The grove is owned by two retired lawyers from New York City. The oil is sold primarily in New Zealand, although the owners export a portion of the harvest to the US for sale mainly in the New York City area.
Please contact Laurie and Peter Rothenberg for more information.


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