Olives New Zealand

2017 Olives New Zealand Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Great to see that 2017 harvest is underway and the following have already been certified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and eligible to use the OliveMark. As at 6 October 2017.

Brand Varietals Region
Matakana Classic Ascolano, Frantoio Auckland
Matakana Robust Frantoio, J5 Auckland
Matakana Smooth J5, Koroneiki, Leccino Auckland
River Estate Frantoio Frantoio Auckland
River Estate Pendolino Pendolino Auckland
River Estate Picual Picual Auckland
Salumeria Fontana Frantoio, J5 Auckland
Simunovich Frantoio Frantoio Auckland
Simunovich Frantoio H1F Frantoio Auckland
Simunovich Frantoio/Leccino  H1 Frantoio, Leccino Auckland
Simunovich Frantoio/Leccino H3 Frantoio, Leccino Auckland
Takatu Frantoio, Leccino, Nasco Auckland
Ti Point Frantoio, J5, Leccino Auckland
Virtuo Grove Blend Frantoio, J5, Nocellara Auckland
Moutohora Estate Grove Blend 2017 Chemali, J5, Koroneiki, Leccino, Other Bay of Plenty
Mystery Valley Produce Frantoio, Koroneiki, Leccino, Picholene, Picual Bay of Plenty
Clements Estate Barnea, Frantoio, Leccino, Manzanillo, Picholene, Picual Canterbury
Juda Olives Barnea 9231 Barnea Canterbury
Juda Olives Barnea 9234 Barnea Canterbury
Juda Olives Picholene Picholene Canterbury
Old French Road Blend Kalamata, Manzanillo, Picholene Canterbury
Robinsons Bay Barnea Barnea Canterbury
Robinsons Bay Leccino Leccino Canterbury
Robinsons Bay Manzanillo Manzanillo Canterbury
Robinsons Bay Nabali Nabali Mouhasen Canterbury
Southlea Olives Frantoio Frantoio Canterbury
Southlea Olives Leccino Leccino Canterbury
Terrace Edge Extra Virgin Olive Oil Frantoio, Leccino Canterbury
Waipara Groves Barnea Barnea Canterbury
Waipara Groves Koroneiki Koroneiki Canterbury
Waipara Groves Leccino/Frantoio Frantoio, Leccino Canterbury
Waipara Groves Piqual Picual Canterbury
Dunford Grove Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino Central Otago
Aquiferra Frantoio Frantoio Hawkes Bay
Aquiferra Koroneiki Koroneiki Hawkes Bay
Aquiferra Leccino Leccino Hawkes Bay
Aquiferra Picual Picual Hawkes Bay
Ellsgrove Manzanilla Manzanillo Hawkes Bay
Ellsgrove Picual Picual Hawkes Bay
Esk Valley Blend Frantoio, Leccino Hawkes Bay
Esk Valley Koroneiki Koroneiki Hawkes Bay
Forty Groves Blend Barnea, Picual Hawkes Bay
Matapiro 100% Kiwi EVOO Barnea, Frantoio, Koroneiki, Leccino, Picual Hawkes Bay
Telegraph Hill Medium Intensity Barnea Hawkes Bay
Terra Sancta 0717 Frantoio, Leccino, Manzanillo Hawkes Bay
Gabbani Frantoio Frantoio Kapiti
Gabbani Koroneiki Koroneiki Kapiti
Gabbani Leccino Leccino Kapiti
Kapiti Frantoio/Leccino Frantoio, Leccino, Picual Kapiti
Kapiti Koroneiki/Frantoio Frantoio, Koroneiki, Pendolino Kapiti
Kapiti Leccino/Picual Frantoio, Koroneiki, Leccino, Picual Kapiti
Noble Estate Mission (California) Kapiti
Old Hautere Olive Oil Frantoio, Leccino Kapiti
Rata Olives Frantoio Frantoio Kapiti
Rata Olives Leccino Leccino Kapiti
Rata Olives Leccino/Frantoio Frantoio, Leccino Kapiti
Settlements Best Frantoio, Koroneiki, Leccino, Pendolino, Picual, Sourani Kapiti
Faversham Olive Grove Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino Marlborough
Isobel Olives – Medium Barnea, Frantoio, Picual Marlborough
Isobel Olives – Robust Frantoio, Picual, Leccino Marlborough
Kakariki Olives Frantoio, Leccino Nelson
Kakariki, Oriwa Frantoio, Leccino, Minerva Nelson
Kina Haus Frantoio, Leccino, Other Nelson
Tasman Bay 2017 Frantoio Frantoio Nelson
Tasman Bay 2017 Leccino Leccino Nelson
Villa Grove Estate Blend Frantoio, Koroneiki, Leccino Nelson
Weka Frantoio Frantoio Nelson
Weka Koroneiki Koroneiki Nelson
Weka Leccino Leccino Nelson
Doubtless Bay Olives Frantoio Frantoio Northland
Doubtless Bay Olives J5 J5 Northland
Evergreen J5 Northland
Narbey Olive Oil Frantoio, J5, Leccino Northland
Oliven am Meer/Manu KĊrihi/Strathview Olives Frantoio, J5 Northland
Olives on the Hill Frantoio Frantoio Northland
T & N Parker Frantoio Northland
Two Black Dogs Ascolano Ascolano Northland
Matiatia Grove Frantoio, Koroneiki, Leccino, Moraiolo Waiheke Island
number 29 Ascolano, Frantoio, J5, Verdale Waiheke Island
number 29 Frantoio Waiheke Island
number 29 Leccino Waiheke Island
Atutahi Frantoio/Barnea Barnea, Frantoio Wairarapa
Bella Olea Barnea Barnea Wairarapa
Bella Olea Leccino Leccino Wairarapa
Bella Olea Picual Picual Wairarapa
Blue Earth Barnea/Frantoio Blend Barnea, Frantoio Wairarapa
Blue Earth Classic Barnea, Frantoio Wairarapa
Blue Earth Tuscan Blend Barnea, Frantoio, Manzanillo Wairarapa
Dali Coupage Leccino Wairarapa
Dali Frantoio Frantoio Wairarapa
Dali Picual Picual Wairarapa
D’Arc Grove Blend Barnea, Frantoio, Leccino, Manzanillo Wairarapa
Greytown Gold Grand Cru Leccino, Picual Wairarapa
Greytown Gold Special Reserve Leccino Wairarapa
Hubbard Frantoio Frantoio Wairarapa
Il Falcone Barnea Barnea Wairarapa
Il Falcone Barnea/Manzanillo Blend Barnea, Manzanillo Wairarapa
Il Falcone Frantoio/Leccino Blend Frantoio, Leccino Wairarapa
Il Falcone Koroneiki Koroneiki Wairarapa
Juno Frantoio Blend Frantoio, Koroneiki Wairarapa
Juno Leccino Leccino Wairarapa
Juno Picual Picual Wairarapa
Leafyridge Frantoio Frantoio Wairarapa
Leafyridge Leccino Leccino Wairarapa
Leafyridge Pendolino Pendolino Wairarapa
Left Field Barnea Blend Barnea, Leccino Wairarapa
Left Field Tuscan Blend Frantoio, Leccino Wairarapa
Loopline Leccino Leccino Wairarapa
Loopline Picual Picual Wairarapa
Molive Gold Barnea, Manzanillo Wairarapa
Olea Naturae Frantoio, Leccino, Picual Wairarapa
Olive Black Blend Leccino Wairarapa
Olive Black Frantoio Frantoio Wairarapa
Olive Black Pendolino Pendolino Wairarapa
Olive Black Picual Picual Wairarapa
Olive2Oil Frantoio Frantoio Wairarapa
Olive2Oil Frantoio/Barnea Barnea, Frantoio Wairarapa
Olivo Estate Barnea, Koroneiki, Manzanillo Wairarapa
Olivo Tuscan Estate Frantoio, Leccino Wairarapa
Ponticello Harvest Blend Barnea, Manzanilla, Koroneiki, Leccino, Framtoio Wairarapa
Pressed Gold – Mild, Medium, Oil Makers Blend Koroneiki Wairarapa
Pressed Gold – Tuscan Blend Frantoio, Leccino Wairarapa
Ridgeway Olives Leccino Wairarapa
River Grove Blend ’17 Frantoio, Koroneiki, Leccino Wairarapa
The Olive Press Barnea Barnea Wairarapa
The Olive Press Leccino Leccino Wairarapa
The Olive Press Manzanilla Manzanillo Wairarapa
The Olive Press Picual Picual Wairarapa
White Rock Olives Pendolino Pendolino Wairarapa
White Rock Olives Picual Picual Wairarapa

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