Olives New Zealand

Certification 2013

April 28, 2013

The Olives New Zealand Certification Programme for 2013 will finish on 31 October. The bulk of oils have already been certified but there is still the opportunity for any late comers. Remember, if you don’t have your oil certified how do you and your customers know if it really is EVOO?

Remember Certification is now a ‘one-stop shop’ administered by the Executive Officer.  You only need to do one submission of your oil for testing for both chemical and sensory assessment.

The attached documentation is all that you require:

Once you have completed the two forms,  send these with two bottles of each oil, copies of your labels and your payment to the Executive Officer.

The Executive Officer will  then manage the assessment of your oil (chemical and sensory) and send you a certificate to show that it has met requirements (assuming it has!).  You will then be able to start using OliveMarks on your bottles.

The sooner you submit your oils for Certification assessment the sooner you will get approval to use the OliveMarks plus have a certificate to display.

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